Product News

Successful R&D and Test for Waterproof Slip Ring

Waterproof slip ring is one of the classification for general slip ring, which normally be used for moisture, corrosion and special underwater environment.

Capsule Design with Big current Slip Ring Launched into Market

Via over more than 10 years experience in the slip ring industry, Barlin Times always pursue high quality with profitable solution to satisfy with different requirements in various applications, we wish we could do our best for our customer and always standard from their side to evaluate design for such high current slip rings.

Liquid Or Gas Rotary Joint With Electrical Slip Ring

Slip ring is a one of the highest technology part among other electrical components and can customize according to end user’s specific requirement.

High Temperature Slip Ring Passed Test in Military Application

Through longer test time from last year, one of our customized high temperature slip ring that was designed for our military customer has finished test successfully.

New Custom Design for Hybrid Rotary Joint of Barlin Times

For hybrid rotary joint, as we all know that, it can be divided into different design and structure of slip ring--electrical slip ring combined with fiber rotary joint, electrical slip ring combined with coaxial rotary joint or connector, electrical slip ring combined with gas or liquid rotary joint and so on.

Capsule Slip Ring Used in Wind Turbine with 10KW

Small and Medium Size Wind Turbine Dedicated THR Series Capsule Slip Ring. Wind turbine slip ring is divided into small size, medium size, big size and megawatt series slip ring.

Carousel Slip Ring Was Tested Successfully By Customer

Good news!

Last week Barlin Times received a good news from customer about the slip ring sample we shipped to them 2 years ago which has been tested successfully already.