Technical Support

Mainly talks about the conception and features of slip ring. And describe some applications for slip ring in different industries. Berlin Times slip ring has received great welcome from various applications in the world.

Barlin Times slip ring can do intermediate frequency slip ring and low frequency slip ring. Cylinder slip ring can be divided into through bore slipring and shaft slip ring.

The Generation Introduction of Through Hole Slip Ring

What is through hole slip ring? As the name implies, it refers to the general term that series of conductive slip ring with a through hole.

The Advantage of New-type Slip Ring Compared with Carbon Brush Slip Ring

All of the slip rings innovation could not leave the ground of traditional slip ring. Only through constantly innovation and perfection of traditional slip ring can be better push the slip ring industry and the development of enterprises.

Today, we are herewith discussing about the main difference between mercury slip ring and non-mercury slip ring.

Barlin Times Accurate Slip Ring has Been Widely Used in Marine Equipment

The accurate slip ring produced by Barlin Times has been widely applied in military and civil equipment for years, such as marine surveillance ship, ship air defence radar, coast defense shore inspection platform, underwater robot, ship propeller, marine crane and so on.

The Application of Barlin Times Slip Ring in the Packaging Machine

With the innovation of technology and improvement of people’s living standards, packaging becomes an increasingly indispensable part in people’s life and obtains a fast development. Packaging machine is an equipment that could complete all or part stages of the packaging process.