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The Importance of Slip Ring in Wind Turbine Generator

Normally speaking, the life time of fan could be up to 20 years as we all know. However, most of the operating life of fans only could guarantee around 2-5 years with warranty scope. With the aging of fan system, not all of the wind turbine suppliers has made the preparation for the maintenance of the fan, the main part of problem is the lack of technical person needed for maintenance work. What is more, even if the wind turbine supplier has employed the technical person who could satisfy with the requirement of wind turbine daily maintenance, but extra unplanned maintenance will significantly effect the income of wind turbine factory. 

Slip Ring Could be Significant Component In CCTV Application

Security refers to “safety protection”, which in order to protect own safety by adopting protective measures. Then security engineering is to realize the whole process of safety protection, security product is in the service of security engineering equipment. The electrical slip ring must be the necessary rotary component in the CCTV industry.

Robot Sip Ring Used in Robot Application

Robot is a mechanical device used for performing automatically, it not only could accept the human’s command, but also could operate the programs that arranged in advance. On the other hand, Robot is mainly responsible for helping or replacing the human’s work, such as manufacturing, construction, or some dangerous job. Along with the development of science and technology, robot gradually replaced manpower and also gradually come into our life. Robots is more flexible, in-depth and efficiency than humans.

The General Introduction of Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake slip ring is designed for the limited rotation system in height direction, which it is a special kind of conductive slip ring and its shape just like a plate. The rotor part of pancake slip ring with use of coils of concentric ring to carry current signal, the brush distributes at the top of the concentric ring as the stator. Whereas, use insulation materials to insulate between ring and ring. As we know that, pancake design slip ring could accept comprehensive load, large and huge instruction size, also it enjoys the features of compact design, sensitive rotary, easy installation and maintenance.

Technical Questions And Answers for Capsule Slip Rings

As per Barlin Times’s over 10 years experience in the slip ring field, we have summarized some technical questions from our customer asked before, hope below information could help you to know or understand more technique about slip rings. We will be very welcome your contact if there is any urgent help. 

Barlin Times How to Manufacture Slip Ring

Let us understand the working principle of slip ring firstly in the production process for Barlin Times. 

Slip Ring Used in Crane Application

The development and application of crane is more widely used in the market, nowadays, many projects need to use lifting equipment, such as machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, forestry and other areas. A crane is a type of multi-action lifting machine with outriggers that can be used both to vertically lift and horizontally transport heavy things beyond the normal capability of a human to other places by load hook within a certain scope. With the rapid progress of crane industry, slip ring has found an increasingly wide utilization in crane field. User’s requirements of slip ring are also increasingly higher such as, protection degree, lead wire size, housing material, life time and so on. As is known to all, slip ring as a critical rotary joint of the crane, therefore, users must be very careful while choosing the slip ring.