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Military Slip Ring from Barlin Times

With the development of economy, science and technology, all countries are continuously researching and developing high new military equipment. Military equipment belongs to application equipment of the high-end field, which is the integrated embodiment of equipment advanced degree, stability coefficient and practical level.

Barlin Times Slip Ring in The UAV Application

Still in 2015, UAV has become a very hot topic among people, as it will play a significant role in the daily life and many different applications. For all we know that, UAV is the abbreviation of “ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” which take advantage of wireless romote control device and program control device to manipulate the unmanned aircraft. UAV is not carrying operator and use of the aerodynamic life for aircraft, also could fly automatically or romote boot with using once or many times over. Why we are talking about UAV here? Barlin Times as a slip ring supplier, we clearly know that slip ring enjoyed great welcome and extensive application in UAV field, including the operational function and diversification in the field of military UAV, aerial Surveying, mapping, patrol, such as traditional to internet transition civilian UAV, which all need slip ring to transfer current and signal under 360 degree rotations.