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What is the Standard Slip Ring and Customized Slip Ring

Standard slip ring, as its name implies, which is the slip ring people common used. But too many customers still do not know much about it so that spend too much time choosing the product model. Below is a brief introduction about standard slip ring and how to select conveniently.

Barlin Times Slip Ring Used in The Application of UAV

As is known to all, UAV is short for the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" which is a kind of aircraft that without carrying a human pilot on board, using wireless remote control device or program control system to manipulate the unmanned aircraft, and could also fly automatically or remote boot. It can be employed once or many times to perform various appointed tasks, especially in handing emergency and early warning.

Application And Prospect of Slip Ring Used in Automation Machine

With the constant deepening of the society informatization, mechanical automation equipment has bright prospect. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, traffic transport, business, medical service and family, etc. The automation technology not only could liberate people from heavy manual labor, part of the mental work and bad or dangerous working conditions, but also could extend the organ function of humans. Meanwhile, it has greatly improved the labor productivity and enhanced the ability of humans to know the world and change the world.

The Operating Principle and Internal Structure for Slip Ring

If you want to understand the working principle and internal structure of slip ring, what do you need to know firstly? As we all know that, slipring also could be called conductive slip ring, collector ring, rotary joint, rotating electrical connector, industry slip ring, brush block, commutator, adapter and so on. All of these above are special rotating connector and electrical component which specially transfer power and signal for many rotating devices. 

What Is The Important Technical Specification for Custom Slip Ring

Modern society is the industrial society of rapid development, a lot of mechanization is used to improve productivity in various industries. Application of mechanization, also promoted the development of the slip ring.

Slip Ring From Barlin Times Used in Packing Application

Packaging applications are facing many challenges from individual machine parts in different fields. It is not only need to ensure the production could be operated without interruption, also need to make sure best reliability. At the same time, it should keep the each link in the process of operating at a reasonable speed so that could guarantee it is seamless and inerrant during processing.

Conductive Slip Ring Used in the Field of Radar Antenna

Radar is an electronic device by using electromagnetic wave to detect the position, which emits radio waves to radiate and receive the echo of targets. As we all know that, radar is mainly used in themilitary field