Carbon Brush Slip Ring

Carbon Brush Slip Ring

The appearance of carbon brush is a bit like a pencil eraser, which has lead wire on the top and different size. Carbon brush as for rotating contact component that widely used in many electrical equipment. The main materials includes electrochemical graphite, fat graphite, metal ( copper and silver ) graphite.

The composition of carbon brush:

Carbon brush assembly consists of carbon brush holder, carbon brush, tension spring and other parts. On both sides of the carbon brush holder adopt glass fiber reinforced plastic materials with each one carbon strut in the openings, tension spring connected in the middle and appropriately change its length to make carbon brush effect moderate press in the slip ring. During assembly, carbon brush could make sure sensitivity requirement via adjustment. Carbon brush holder plays a role of fixed position of carbon brush in the motor, and the quality of carbon brush holder could directly affect the motor performance.

The kinds of carbon brush:

For the ease of use and management, the brush could have several classifications. At present, the most popular classification methods as below:

  • According the soft or hard materials, it could be divided into soft brush, medium hard brush and hard brush.
  • As per the use application of brush, which could be classified with turbo generator brush, steel rolling motor brush, traction motor brush, vehicle brush, electric tools brush, aircraft generator brush and so on.
  • On the basis of brush color that can be divided in to black brush (made from pure carbon graphite materials ) and colored brush ( made from metal materials and graphite etc.)

Motor generator refers to electrical motor, generator, DC and AC motor.

  • Electrical tools carbon brush.
  • Vehicle motor carbon brush.
  • Industry carbon brush.
  • Motor carbon brush.
  • Generator carbon brush.

DC and AC motor both could use carbon brush which can transfer power conduction between rotating part and fix part. Motor carbon brush and generator carbon brush are mainly for metal graphite carbon brush materials, one of the generator brush is black color because of more carbons. Starting motor carbon brush includes high copper content with yellow color.

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