Ethernet Conductive Slip Ring

Ethernet Conductive Slip Ring

Electrical slip ring is a kind of rotary connector connects to both ends on devices and transfer signals in the process of 360 degree rotation. Conductive slip ring can transmit various signals, such as Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, FireWire, servo motor, encoder signal, thermocouple, etc.

Ethernet slip ring produced by Barlin Times is specifically designed for 250 MHz frequency signal in order to pass 100M/1000M Ethernet signal. This type of slip ring contains electrical power channel and the signal channel. At the same time, also could transmit multi-channel with low and middle frequency signal and current, which enjoys the main feature of stable transmission, no packet loss, no string yards, small return loss, low insertion loss, etc. According to the installation space of monitoring equipment, we recommend capsule slip ring (THR series ) or through hole slip ring ( THR-T series ). The through hole size could be up to 80mm, bigger size can be optional. We adopts CAT5 or CAT6 cable, the length can be up to 2m or longer. 

The structure of this Ethernet slip ring is designed to accord with the requirements of international Ethernet standards and agreements through signal processing largely reduces problems of crosstalk and attenuation for unshielded wires twisted. It uses generally 1G full-duplex and half duplex interface mode.


Features of Ethernet slip ring from Barlin Times:

  • Analog and digital signal transmission
  • Compatible with data bus protocol
  • Longer life, maintenance free and no lubrication
  • Continuous transmission of power and data signals under 360 degree unrestrained rotation. 
  • Compact design


Options of Ethernet slip ring from Barlin Times:

  • Inner diameter, outside diameter and length.
  • Working speed.
  • Circuits.
  • Signal and power transmission single and together.
  • Current and voltage.
  • Wire length.
  • Connector type.
  • Housing material.
  • Protection degree.
  • Lead wire exit direction.


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