High Speed Conductive Slip Ring

High Speed Conductive Slip Ring

According to the performance of conductive slip ring can be divided into high/low speed slip ring, high/low pressure slip ring, high/low temperature, high definition slip ring, waterproof slip ring, explosion-proof slip ring, etc. High speed slipring is one of the most effective rotary solution of transmitting low current or signal for high speed precision equipment between stationary and rotary platform.

Low efficiency of equipment operation is the common problem in the enterprises production, not only seriously restrict the development of the enterprise, also caused great waste of energy. Improve equipment operation efficiency and reduce production energy consumption is the important way to improve product quality and production. As a result, many enterprises adopt precision equipment of high-speed operation.

Because work speed of the common slip rings can’t reach the speed of high-speed equipment operation, so if we use these ordinary sliprings may cause equipment failure. Therefore, Barlin Times make constant efforts to research electrical slip ring which can realize higher speed. Using this type of high speed slip ring can not only accurately transmit signal, also to further improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

High speed slip rings are designed for the needs of high speed precision machinery equipment, which require that work speed over ten thousand rounds per minute. Due to the slip ring structure determines the contact and impedance when at a high speed, so high speed slip ring has higher requirements for manufacturing technique of slip ring suppliers. This high speed slipring designed by Barlin Times adopts special technology, selects the material with high wear resistance and longer work life time. Multi-contact guarantees the reliability of power and signal transmission, which enjoys the main feature of low torque, low loss, high stability, long life time. The work speed of high speed hollow shaft slip ring could get up to over 10000 rounds per minute. Current can be up to 5A. 12 channels can be transmitted at the same time, the biggest through hole size can be up to 38mm.

With the rapid development of economy, manufacturing industry is moving toward high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high intelligence direction, the application range of the high speed rotary joint will become wider. Increase the progress of the research and development technology for high speed electrical rotary union and improving product competition so that better promote the development of manufacturing industry. The rotating electrical connector high speed slip ring designed by Barlin Times and other high technology content slip ring, which greatly solved the difficult problems in mechanical structure design, also become an indispensable part of modern mechanical equipment.


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