Technical Questions And Answers for Capsule Slip Rings

Technical Questions And Answers for Capsule Slip Rings


1.Why you called it--capsule slip ring? Is there any special meaning?

Answer: Actually, capsule slip ring can also be named miniature slip ring capsules or super miniature slip ring, we can use its design, size, performance or application to give a name. However, capsule slip ring has become a hot search words by people for these years, so if we tell “capsule slip ring” to customer, they will exactly know what kind of design of this slip ring it is. Another reason is that, the design of capsule slip ring just like a hat, as mentioned above, we can call a name as per its design. 


2.What kind of equipment could use capsule slip rings?

Answer: Capsule slip ring can has different design, size, performance and installation way. Generally speaking, according to our ample experience, the main application for capsule type slip ring could be: CCTV, robotics, UAV, medical machine, rotating table, amusement equipment, wind turbine generator, monitoring device, display equipment and so on. Recently years, UAV has become a very popular application for capsule slip ring and enjoyed big quantity demand. 


3.Can we do some technical customizations on the capsule slip ring?

Answer: Yes, we can do customizations for you on the basis of our standard model, for example, circuits, current, cable length, different signal, housing materials, dimension, cable color and size and so forth. But, if we can not do customization on our standard product, then we should need to open new mould to meet your exact demand. For more details, our technical person will provide you the best rotating solution for you.


4.How to make sure the life time of capsule slip ring ?

Answer: About the life time for capsule slip ring, we should know some technical information from customer, say work speed, operating environment, application. For example, if you use higher work speed for our standard model, the slip ring will be happened short circuit and circuit broken soon because of serious loss and friction . That is why we need to know details information from customer. Customer has high work speed demand, we need to change better materials to meet such requirement. However, if you use our slip ring as per our specification range, then we could guarantee you life time for 20-40 million rotations. Low work speed and intermittent operating hours could make life time longer. 


5.What is your main diameter classification for standard capsule slip rings?

Answer: Our main diameter for capsule slip ring have 8mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 22mm, 35mm as per various design and structure. Another type is for our capsule slip ring with 2-10mm through bore, the diameter has 24.8mm and 30mm. If our standard diameter could not satisfy with your size requirement, please feel free to contact with us directly, our sales engineer will recommend other solutions for you.