Technical Questions by Customers

1. Can we DIY slip ring by ourselves?
Some of our customers diy slip ring by themselves before, but happened quality problems during operation. Slip ring is made of two parts-rotor and stator which use precious metal contacting materials inside. When you make slip ring, you need to use a fixed bracket, bearing and some necessary parts that can be easy to implement. But here we need to remind that the design and technology manufacture of these large parts will affect the life and transmission performance of slip ring. So we should pay much attention to the materials quality. Then what is the standard of these materials quality?

Firstly, slip ring contact materials mainly adopt copper and brass, also the surface of slip ring need to plating layers of precious metals. This has played an important role in reducing resistance directly and extend conductive slip ring life time to reduce electrical noise. Furthermore, this materials can directly ensure sufficient contacting between brush wire and copper ring. The most important factor for homemade slip ring is for requirement of process technology, also the production staff should have particularly professional knowledge about making slip ring. As we all know, it is impossible to finish each production process and testing by one person. This must need a speciality technical team to accomplish entire production chain. Although self-made simple slip ring is feasible, we must know the technical requirements for different applications and then consider if you could do homemade slip ring.

2. What are wind turbine slip rings?
Wind turbine generator has different types and size, so the slip ring use in the wind turbine also has different design and dimension. For smaller wind turbine normally used capsule slip ring series for 22mm OD with 3 circuits each 15-30A current. This kind of slip ring design do not need high working speed but require longer life time. So we adopt gold plated contact materials to meet such demand and make sure smooth rotating. Big power wind turbine slip ring usually need to be customized as per equipment’s special technical demand. The design always adopt carbon brush materials and silver-colored graphite or copper graphite contacting to guarantee reliable performance.

Wind power slip ring bears the function of power, control signal and data transmission in the whole system of wind turbine system. Wind turbine slip ring is the critical component in the fan system and its precision, reliability and working life directly affect the performance of the wind power system.

3. When do you have to replace slip rings?
The slip ring produced by Barlin Times enjoys the advantage of maintenance free. That is to say, if your slip ring has reached the life time and could not operate anymore, then you need change another new slip ring to replace. Normally, Barlin Times standard slip ring could meet around 50-80 million rotations which could satisfy with most of customers’ life time demand. From another hand, if your slip ring happen quality matter in a short time, please contact with supplier to check and solve problem in time.