The Advantage of New-type Slip Ring Compared with Carbon Brush Slip Ring

The Advantage of New-type Slip Ring Compared with Carbon Brush Slip Ring

However, what is the advantage of new type slip ring compared with traditional slip ring enterprise?

Firstly, slip ring brush wear caused by high linear velocity and shorter life, then slip ring should be mounted on the shaft of the motor rotor. Due to the axis of cable need to elicit via the center of rotor, so must need to use big diameter and through hole structure. In such case, the slip ring diameter is restricted by the rotor shaft will be increased greatly. The abrasion of brush and slip rings is closely related to the motion of the linear velocity, the life of the brush and slip ring is inversely proportional to the square of the linear velocity of the according to relevant information,therefor, the slip ring is installed on the traditional structure of brush will be lower, and the standard requirement only require 3500-4500 hours, also the actual life is far lower than the standard index.

Secondly, the structure of the traditional slip ring and brush has some difficulties in the hear dissipation, normally, when slip ring surface temperature rise more than 80℃ temperature, this will mostly increase the abrasion to make the reliability of slip ring brush to lower further. At the same time, the brush wearing will produce a lot of carbon powder which scattered in every phase of the insulation between the slip ring, this will make slip ring short circuit or circuit broken, and slip ring system is going to be completely damaged.

Thirdly, the traditional coiling slip ring could be also called carbon brush slip ring, which could be installed in the end of motor rotor shaft. The slip ring is actually like beam structure of single side support, therefore, in the operating process, slip ring will inevitably produce radial shaking because of centrifugal force and radial unbalanced moment, especially in the start up and speed running will be more obvious. The shaking frequency of slip ring is very high, the pressure springs of brush actually can not work at all, thus causing poor contacting of brush and slip ring and result in serious slip ring surface ablation, also brush will be damaged as well.


The new type slip ring produced by Barlin Times has below features:

  • No shaking could operate smoothly and low noise.
  • Longer life time and maintenance free.
  • Big current and digital or analog signal combination.
  • Precious metal contact materials could make sure low wearings.
  • Compact design and structure could help end user to save much space and cost.

If you need any help or have any technical question about Barlin Times slip ring, just feel free to contact with us in Our professional will provide the best technical support for you.