The Importance of Slip Ring in Wind Turbine Generator

The Importance of Slip Ring in Wind Turbine Generator

Actually, no matter for wind farm owners, engineering, technical person and wind turbine manufacturers all can use a special way to reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance, that is to say, considering to adopt the low maintenance or even tell when the part failed in advance. This maybe sounds unrealistic at some extent, but that is not the real case. We can use a small size and compact design component to solve this matter, this part we called "slip ring";. Although slipring is just a small part in the total cost and fan design, the slip ring plays a very significant role in the operation. The slip ring usually is installed in the engine hood fan and used for providing a variable propeller power and control the electrical signal & power, so slip ring could transmit power and signal through a rotating interface. 

The slip ring working principle: the contact materials of slip ring through rotating connections to transfer electrical signal and energy, brush or contacting brush slide on the rotating slip ring and keep continuous contact during operation. That is to say, in order to ensure the correct electrical signal transmission, also the static brush between brush block need to have precious metal contacting materials. 

Fiber brush slip ring could provide a least 100 million rotations life time with maintenance free for wind turbine generator, this means that the technical person of fan supplier or technical personnel may only need to change a slip ring at a time during the working life of 20 years. But, not all slip ring could meet this requirement, this depends on end user's exact technical demand, then the slip ring supplier could evaluate all their requirements and satisfy with the need for maintenance of wind turbine manufacturer. 

Recommend some suitable wind turbine slip ring series as below:

The features and advantages of Barlin Times slip ring:

The designing and producing standard of Barlin Times slip ring: high reliability, low noise, longer life time and low cost to meet good quality. The slip ring could meet longer life time without outside lubricant, also a least three years maintenance time during operating status and higher working temperature and humidity could be one of the features. Multi-precious contact materials could ensure good performance and smooth operation. 

  • No need for outside lubricant, at least 3 years maintenance period.
  • Adopt international advanced precious metal multi-contact materials.
  • High reliability, low noise, low abrasion, longer life time.
  • Working temperature could be from -50℃~+80℃.
  • Unique sealed housing design to prevent outside pollution.
  • Could be used in harsh environment for moisture, shock, vibration and sandstorm.

Barlin Times has above 10 years ample experience in designing and producing wind turbine slip ring for domestic and foreign end users. Anything you are interested in slip ring, just feel free to contact with us, our professional sales engineer will provide efficient service to you in time.