What Is The Important Technical Specification for Custom Slip Ring

What Is The Important Technical Specification for Custom Slip Ring

Wire should be connected to the rotating parts when the mechanical equipment under 360 degree unrestricted continuous rotation. At this time, it’s necessary to need an electric rotary connector, commonly known as conductive slip ring, the rotary joint of power and signal transmission. Conductive slip ring belongs to sliding connection application device of electric contact and the precise electrical equipment that to realize transmission of image, data signal and power of two relative rotating structures. The slip ring is especially suitable for devices that require unlimited continuous rotation, at the same time need to transmit power or data from stationary to rotary part. 

Slip rings are widely used in many devices of various industries, which can help machinery better operation. Only we continuously research, develop and upgrade to conductive slip ring, also increase each performance of product, can it meet the real needs. For the convenience of clients understand the slip ring and customize different size, and make better choices. According to several years experience in the development and application of slip rings, Barlin Times included below key parameters of slip rings for reference:


1. Installation size of slip ring:

Different equipment has diverse installation size in the usage of slip ring. Therefore, the accurate size can make slip ring better operate.


2. Working voltage of slip ring:

Each slip ring has its voltage rating. Voltage rating is mainly restricted by insulating material and space. If beyond its voltage rating, maybe lead to poor insulation, internal breakdown, even cause burning, etc.


3. Current rating of slip ring:

The area of the contact materials and electrical conductivity determines the maximum load current of slip ring. If exceed the working current rating, it will cause the temperature of contact position rise sharply, also air expansion of contact position and lead to the separation and gasification of contact, lightly lead to poor connection, seriously cause the complete damage and inefficacy of slip ring.


4. Insulation materials of slip ring:

Insulation resistance is usually refers to the resistance between any ring of multi-circuit the slip ring and other ring and shell. Insulation resistance is affected by insulating materials and environmental humidity and so on. It will cause the interference, error code and crosstalk, etc. In the process of control signal transmission generated by the condition of low insulation resistance, even produce lighter, heating and so on under the circumstance of high voltage. 


5. Circuits of slip ring:

Circuits means that everywhere is connected and current can be passed smoothly.  If the slip ring has no proper circuits, it will be a short circuit or disconnection in the operation process, which will affect the work of equipment.


6. Dynamic contact resistance of slip ring:

Dynamic contact resistance indicates that the resistance fluctuation range between rotor and stator of one circuit in the electrical slip ring under the condition of working. The influence factor just like contact resistance. Meanwhile, the work speed also has great effect on it.


7. Contact resistance of slip ring:

Contact resistance is the requirement to describe to reliable contact of slip ring. Contact resistance depends on the contact material type, contact pressure, smooth finish of contact surface, etc.


8. Work life time of slip ring:

The life of the slip ring shows that the from the operation to the failure of any part of the slip ring . The influence factors to service life time of slip rings including, types contact materials, contact pressure, contact body size, working current, operating environment, etc. The work life time of slipring produced by Barlin Times could get up to over one hundred million rounds under the regulation of working environment.


9. Working speed of slip ring:

The work speed of slip ring is influenced by many aspects: contact material type, the structure rationality, the processing and manufacturing precision and assembly precision, etc.


10. Operating environment of slip ring:

Working environment temperature of slip ring will affect its service life. 


11. Protection property of slip ring:

According to the customer’s different actual application environment, there will be requirements of waterproof, explosion-proof, etc. The highest protection degree of slip ring from Barlin Times can be up to IP68. We also provide anti-explosion slip ring, at the same time meet the demands of the environment of explosive gas and dust. 


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