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Security industry has been increased gradually with the global market economy development. Under the promotion of enhancing daily living standard, people pay much more attention for security, at the same time, video surveillance field has received great welcome from that period. Camera, as a representative front-end equipment, is extensively used in many different places because of its unique performance and function, for example, highway, railway, airport, port, square, station and so on.

Speed dome is a kind of high intelligent camera, the full name could be called high speed intelligent camera or integrative high speed dome. According to its main features of wide monitoring range, high working speed, accurate potion and fast respond, speed dome has obtained more and more popularity from customers. When speed dome supplier develop and research a new product, they attach importance to the performance of camera which whether it is high definition, fast and correct focus, sensitivity and so forth. Barlin Times adopted SDI slip ring to transmit signal and high definition signal, the channels could be up to 12, frequency can be achieved to 50GHz, which could also pass analog or digital signal to meet special demand of customer.

The HDV slip ring of Barlin Times enjoys the main feature of longer life time, maintenance free, no lubrication and so on. Because of limited space in the camera, which has strict demand for slip ring size. As per different models of camera, we have designed various diameter ( 12.5mm, 16mm, 22mm, 35mm ) capsule slip ring to fully satisfy with camera specification ---Low torque and noise, stable operation, compact structure, small size.