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As we all know, robot is a kind of device to execute work automatically which could not only accept the command of human, but also can operate previous rescheduled program instead of manual technique or assist human working. For example, producing industry, construction industry or some dangerous fields. Along with the technology development, robotics has been gradually replaced human beings and draw close to the sight of them. Compared with human, robot enjoys the main advantages of more flexible, quicker and efficient.

Because of complicated rotary joint and inconvenient installation maintenance of robot, through adopt slip rings to realize 360 degree unlimited rotation to transmit power and signal combination. Robotics slip ring of Barlin Times, the circuits could be up to 200 or more, also can transfer USB, Ethernet, RS, Canbus, encoder, thermocouple, digital and analog signals. Normally speaking, robotics slip ring has some features of low work speed, longer life time and maintenance free. Our solution has solved wire wrapping problem well in robot application.

According to application environment in robotics, which can be divided into two big parts: industry robot sliprings and special type robot sliprings. For industry robot, it is multi -joint or multiple degree of freedom robot. However, special type robot can be various advanced robots to serve human in non-manufacturing industry except industry robotics, including service robot, underwater robot, military robot, agriculture robot, entertainment robot and so forth. Barlin Times can customize different design slip ring according to your special requirement.