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Barlin Times Slip Ring in The UAV Application

Technical Questions by Customers

Barlin Times has designed many types slip ring to meet the demand of UVA field, especially for super miniature capsule slip ring--8mm diamter series, miniature capsule slip ring--12.5mm diameter series and separate slip ring are all obtained highly reputation from the end user. Let’s shortly talk about the feature, typical application, UAV type and recommend slip ring type in the UAV industry as below.


Recommend product models:


UAV slip ring features: 

  • Smaller size, compact design and weight.
  • Low cost and high mobility.
  • High performance, small current.
  • Smooth operation and 360 degree rotations continuously.
  • Low loss and longer life time.

Typical applications:

  • Mapping.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Disaster monitoring.
  • Geological survey.
  • Pipeline inspection.
  • Border patrol.
  • Environmental assessment.
  • Agricultural plant protection.
  • Communication.

The type of UAV for slip ring: 

  • Unmanned airship.
  • Unmanned helicopter.
  • Unmanned parasol.
  • Unmanned fixed wings.
  • Unmanned rotor aircraft.

It is estimated that, the demand of UAV will be increased to 1.5million pcs in 2018, Barlin Times is still trying best to design and research new type of slip ring to satisfy more latest UAV type. What are you waiting for there? Our sales engineers are expecting your contact and consultations if you would like to know more technical information about our slip ring.