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Application and classification of Slip Ring

Technical Questions by Customers


Slip ring could be a kind of rotating connector, a ring connect cable outer as a shield ring. Normally, transmission of more than 12MHz signal use coaxial lines of shielding slip ring. The cross section of this kind of slip ring could be trough shape, actually it is a rectangular coaxial conductor. There is also a kind of capacitive intermediate frequency slip ring, the center conductor is circular shape with using insulation support in the shielding layer. Generally speaking, intermediate frequency slip ring is used for transferring radar intermediate-frequency (tens of MHz) signal. This type of slip ring under 12MHz could use ordinary slip ring.

Low frequency slip ring is taking advantage of slip ring contact to transfer low frequency signal. Standard slip rings can be divided into cylinder slip ring and differential slip ring. Furthermore, cylinder slip ring also can be split into flat ring and V shape ring. The materials of conductive slip ring normally use brass,red copper, silver and gold, the brush wire materials has palladium-gold, gold lated, silver-colored graphite and copper-colored graphite. Cylinder slip ring can be shaft type and through bore type as per installation demand.

The electrical performance index of slip ring component has electrical noise, insulation resistance, contacting resistance and dielectric strength. As for intermediate frequency slip ring, supplier should consider about the shielding, impedance, electrical noise, voltage and so on because of its high frequency. Should make sure reliable contacting and good conduction on the structural design. Therefore, the materials of brush conductive performance should be very good and suitable pressure to the slip ring. Good rinding and low friction torque is easy to maintain.

Which are important specifications when you select suitable slip ring solution?

  1. Circuits ( power and signal )
  2. Current/voltage rating
  3. Working temperature
  4. Working speed
  5. Working life time
  6. Sealed degree

Current slip ring design could pass all intermediate and low frequency signal, Control bus signal and so forth. For example, Interbus, Can-bus, Profibus, Rs485/422, PLC control, analog video, digital audio, Ethernet signal, sensor and so on. Some of slip rings are widely used in military applications, for instance, reconnaissance aircraft equipment, air defense radar, artillery systems, early warning and antenna, the missile test system. 

Barlin Times slip ring has been used in many different applications all over the world. We are expecting to improve our slip ring design further for providing more and more industries. Please kindly pay close attention to our website news, any support or help just feel free to contact with us in time.


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