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Mercury & Non-mercury Slip Ring

Technical Questions by Customers

Slip rings can be a kind of rotary connectors which could rotate 360 degree freely without cable winding problem and has widely used in many various applications. Today, we are herewith discussing about the main difference between mercury slip ring and non-mercury slip ring.

As we all know that, mercury slip ring use mercury as contact materials to transfer power and different signals. This type of slip ring enjoys smaller size to pass high work speed with longer life time. From the cost matter, mercury slip ring normally has lower cost than non-mercury type because of liquid difference. However, from another hand, mercury type slip ring can not meet the certification of RoHs, that is why some customers could not allow use this type slip rings into their equipment, also many of countries has regulations to prohibit to import it.

Non-mercury slip rings enjoy same feature of smaller design and structure to transmit very low noise and smaller torque, The gallium alloy liquid metal contact materials could pass RoHs certification without any problem and sell to all of the world. But, this non-mercury type could not bear high work speed because of the contacting point difference and working life is not high. The liquid metal is not so sticky like mercury which can be sticky on the silver plated conductor surface. The vibration resistance ability of liquid metal slip rings is much less than mercury types. Any light vibration, impact, shock will make the liquid metal to move out from the main conductor chamber to another conductor’s room. Therefore, this will make short circuit easily.

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