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Barlin Times How to Manufacture Slip Ring

Technical Questions by Customers

The most important component for conductive slip ring is contact materials which should make sure reliable contacting in the structural design, also ensure all circuits connected in a row. Slip ring of Barlin Times is made up of slip ring body, precious metal contact components, fixed bracked, bearing and so on several important parts. Most part of design and manufacturing process will affect the wear life time of slip ring. The conductive materials for Barlin Times slip ring rotor usually adopt red copper, brass, silver or gold materials ( For example, capsule slip ring series normally use gold to gold contact materails, through hole slip ring series adopt silver to silver contact materials, coax rotary joint series uses brass plating materials ) , and need multi-layer plating precious metal materials on the conductive ring surface. This could reduce the impedance to make metal body quickly in an instant conduction to extend the life time of slip ring wear and lower electrical noise, etc. In order to ensure brush fully contact with conductive slip ring and coducting ring, slip ring of Barlin Times is designed to be "V" shaped ring groove contacts to transmit signal and current conduction. Therefore, Barlin Times request the conduction performance of brush materials should be very good, and the elastic stress on slip ring must have proper pressure to reduce eccentricity of slip ring and the deviation, also ensure good abrasion esitance, low friction torque, easy to maintain. At the same time, to consider shielding, impedance matiching, noise voltage and so forth.

Conductive slip ring, as a kind of precision machinery parts and components, the level of technology directly determines the product quality. The experienced engineers in Barlin Times will take some of the common processing make up for the defects by using the principle of design. In the design process, always meet a problem is that how to connect witht the rotating part, the biggest role of conductive slip ring could ensure the equipment connection under free rotation, which includes power and signal transmission. The characteristics of the early stage of manufacturing process, therefore, is to make full use of 3D modeling and simulation tools will be fully exposed problems in the process stage, so as to grasp technology level under design process which will provide a basis for behind each link of the procedure.

The production process details determines the slip ring quality. In the slip ring processing production process, the early drawings design, planning pay special attention to the detail and process key point. In order to control slip ring quality under production process, firstly should avoid any mistake during design stage. In addition to the usual work carefully, at the same time two or more persons review engineering drawings can also minimize errors. After entering production, the sample of each product should be checked by quality department staff. After the inspection passed sucessfully, then only can start mass prodution. For each part of slip ring material number size, material, installation process, the requirements of the assembly are in strict accordance with the engineering drawings requirements. 

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