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Conductive Slip Ring Used in the Field of Radar Antenna

Technical Questions by Customers

Three coordinates (azimuth, elevation angle and distance) of radar position measuring, measurements of two coordinates (azimuth and elevation) are directly related to the performance of antenna. Therefore, the performance antenna is more important for radar equipment than for other electronic devices (such as communication equipment, etc.) 

The main purpose of radar antenna is to better receive and send data, usually placed in the outdoor, directly affected by wind, rain, snow and ice, dust, solar radiation, salt fog, etc. Also, it reduces the performance of antenna and shortens its work life time. Therefore, a lot of ground and shipboard radar antenna is equipped with radome.

Along with the continuous progress of modern science and technology, radar technology has higher requirements for the transmission frequency between stationary part and rotary part, and often requires transmission frequency could be up to dozens and hundreds of megahertz range with medium or high frequency signal transmission.

Slip ring is a key component of radar antenna, which has the function to make the radar rotational part and fixed part formed continuous connection between power and signal. High frequency slip ring is especially designed for high frequency signal transmission. The frequency range can be up to 1-26 GHz.

Radar antenna slip ring is an electromechanical that can transfer current and signal data from stationary to rotating device. Radar antenna slip ring requires that it is durable in harsh environment, can transmit large volumes of data, and ensure signal has no leaks and no electromagnetic interference, also can satisfy long-distance transmission dozens and hundreds of kilometers networking applications. This type radar antenna slipring has some obvious features of low attenuation loss, super low transmission fluctuation. Owning to the maintenance cost of radar slip ring is very high, so when designing radar antenna slip ring, it must be to meet long work life time, maintenance free, no lubrication requirements, etc. 


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