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Technical Questions by Customers

Via 4-5 weeks production time, Barlin Times has manufactured a kind of high speed slip ring for one of our customers. This design already made some improvements through several discussions with customer and sent sample before for them checking. Normally, we adopt stainless steel housing and gold to gold contacting materials for high speed slip ring, and special production technology could be better to guarantee reliable performance. The most nightspots for this slip ring could meet:


  • Below 2mohm dynamic resistance for all tracks which could be better for transferring signal.
  • Meet around 10MHz frequency for two coaxial circuits through testing.
  • 50ohm impedance for two coaxial circuits
  • 2500rpm working speed or higher with smooth rotation and reliable performance
  • Compact design with smaller size.


The basic specification please kindly check as below:


22 circuits @ 2A, 2 Coaxial circuits

Voltage Rating


Work speed

2000rpm or higher

Work Temperature




Electrical Noise

2mohm (Min)

Contact Materials

Gold to gold

Housing Materials

Stainless steel

IP Degree

IP54 or higher

The product picture as follows:

 High Speed Slip Ring

as follows: If you would like to know more technical details about our high speed slip ring series, just contact us without hesitation. Our sales engineer should provide you best solution as per your application. Furthermore, Barlin Times will research more and more different slip ring design to meet the demand of various industries.