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Technical Questions by Customers


1. What is the difference between commutator and slip ring?

Conductive slip ring is made of rotor and stator and continuous contacting through rotating conduction. However, commutator is made of carbon brush and multi-copper sheets and connect together. The function of this commutator is to change the field direction of rotor to reach up rotations.

2. What is the main difference between motor and slip ring?

Many of our customers thought that slip ring should be same product like motor, actually, it should not be. Generally speaking, motors are refers to electrical machinery which can be divided into electrical motor and hydraulic motor in detail. Motor and electrical energy is converted into rotational mechanical energy output. Hydraulic motor is connected into hydraulic oil and rotate to output.

Slip ring belongs to the application of electrical contact sliding connection, which also can be called rotary joint, rotating electrical interface, collecting ring, commutator, brush and so on. Conductive slip ring is to realize the image, data signal and power transmission precision device of two relative rotating mechanism. Especially suit for the application of unlimited continuous rotation and also need to send power or data from a fixed position to the rotational position.

3. Customer could disassemble slip ring by themselves?

The maintenance of slip ring need to understand the brush structure of slip ring firstly. Slip ring composed of brush wire and brush holder on the stator part, and shaft on the rotor part. Our one-piece slip ring design normally do not need to maintain. Carbon brush slip ring is easy to induce dust and brush need to be replaced after wearing. Customer could change by oneself, also can return to suppliers for maintenance.

4. Why water proof slip ring has bigger torque?

Slip ring is made of rotor and stator to realize unlimited 360 degree rotations. And slip ring has clearance between the shaft and stator, we should need to add sealed part between rotor and stator in order to have good waterproof effect. In such case, this could produce larger friction during operation. So the waterproof slip ring has bigger torque compared with ordinary slip ring.

5. What is the function of slip ring in a wind turbine generator?

Slip ring in the wind power generator is charged with the power, control signal and data transmission in the whole system. And slip ring could be the most critical component in the fan system, which the precision, reliability and work life affect the performance of wind power system directly.

6. How to judge the quality slip ring?

1). Rotation flexibility of conductive slip ring.

High quality slip ring enjoys the features of smooth rotation, smaller torque, compact design and no loosening. If the slip ring rotate in good condition, then you can preliminarily identified as qualified.

2). The appearance of conductive slip ring.

Slip ring looks clean and neat appearance, fluent processing line, uncluttered cable order and no damage. A good quality slip ring will not cut corners on the materials.


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